Projects help you to bundle and structure your time entries.

Projects can always be assigned to one customer, whereby several projects can also be assigned to one customer.

How exactly to create a new project and what additional settings you can make for it, you will find out in this short tutorial.


1. Add Project

You can find an overview of all the projects in your workspace via the Projects (1) navigation point. To create a new project, click the Add Projects button (2):

1.1 Name

In the first step you assign a Name for the new project (e.g. "Project 1"):

1.2 Colour

When you create a new project, it is assigned to a random project colour, which you can use later at various points to locate it more quickly.

You can also change this project color individually:

1.2 Client

Initially, a new project is not assigned to a client. If you would like to store a client here, you simply click the Client field and then select a client (e.g. "Smith Company"):

If you have not yet created a client or would like to create a new one for the new project as well, select Create Client, as shown in this example. 

Here you enter the Name of the new client (e.g. "Customer 1") and optionally add a description (e.g. "50 EMP") - then click Create Client:

2. Additional Settings:

2.1 Billability

You can use the Additional Settings to set your new project as generally Billable.

If you decide to do this, you can still book individual times later as non-billable for this project - so you only make a default setting for the times that you book for this project in the future:

2.2 Time budget

Furthermore, you have the choice between a Task-based time budget and a Manual time budget, whereby the first variant is already preselected for you.

2.2.1 Task-based time budget

With a task-based time budget you can deposit tasks within your project with individually estimated time expenditure.

Times that are then posted later to these stored tasks are compared with this estimated value and thus show the difference between target and actual.

2.2.2 Manual time budget

The manual time budget allows you to specify a Time budget in hours (e.g. "40") for the entire project, from which all time spent on this project will be automatically deducted in the future:

3. Create Project

Finally, after you have named your project and, if necessary, made further settings, click the Create Project button (1) below for the final creation:

4. Two other ways how to create a Project 

4.1 Timer -> Select Project 

You can also create a new project (e.g. "Project 2") at any time directly via the time recording in the Timer via the Project selection field:

4.2 Feed -> Add Project 

You can also easily create a new project (e.g. "Project 3") from the Feed by using Add Project: