As a first-time user, you generally have 30 days with us in which you can test timeghost free of charge and without restrictions.

If this period ends, access is restricted for you and your users.

However, you can upgrade your current license at any time, even during your test phase, and you can choose whether you want to upgrade for a whole year or initially only for one or more individual months.

An upgrade can only be carried out by the owner of a Workspace - never by another Workspace user who is not an owner.

Upgrades are usually carried out directly from your Workspace.
If your license has already expired, you will also be informed of the possibility or necessity of an upgrade at other points in the solution.

Below, we explain how you can easily upgrade from your Workspace, for example when your test phase has ended:

  1. If you log in to timeghost, you will land directly in the work area if the license has expired, where you will be shown at various points that your test phase has expired.

    To start the upgrade process, first click on the button ->Upgrade (1), whereupon a new dialog window opens:

  2. Now select the right pricing model for you via -> Upgrade; either:

    • monthly variant at € 5.90 / month (1) or
    • annual variant at € 6.90 / month (2)

    3. In the next step you can determine the number of licenses you want to book. In general, the number of your current users within your Workspace is suggested as the initial value; Of course, you can also change them optionally (1).

    Then continue the process by navigating the button ->Proceed to Checkout (2):

    4. Now enter your invoice details (1). Fields that are not mandatory are marked with "(Optional)".

    If you want to store a tax number, you can enter it under "VAT Number" (2).

    To continue afterwards, press the button ->Next (3):

    5. Now enter your payment information (1). Fields that are not mandatory are still marked with "(Optional)".

    To continue afterwards, click again ->Next (2):

    6. In the last step, you can check your information again and, if necessary, change it again (1).

    If all of your information is correct, please confirm our terms of use and data protection regulations by ticking the box (2) and then complete the upgrade process by clicking the ->Pay € [...] & subscribe (3).

    7. The window then closes, but you will not see a change directly.

    Just wait 5-10 seconds for your view to refresh automatically and you will see “Manage Subscription”:

    Now you and the common users of your work area, for whom you have upgraded, have the complete timeghost range of functions available again.