The feed is intended to make it easier for you to document your times in retrospect and to serve as a kind of memory aid.

For relevant actions that you perform in another Microsoft 365 service - e.g. Teams, Planner, Office or Outlook - individual events are created for you in timeghost via the feed, which are then displayed to you chronologically, in descending order of their timeliness. 

From here, you can then book these events - like all other times - in the blink of an eye to the project of your choice. 

For all other users in your workspace, your feed events are never visible until you have booked them to a project yourself, and we don't save your events beforehand either, but retrieve them live for you each time via your browser or your Microsoft account. 

The appointments from your Outlook Calendar are already displayed in the feed as respective events from the beginning. 

All other Microsoft 365 services must first be activated once in timeghost in order to always have events created in timeghost for them as well.

You can use the following services by default:

Outlook Calendar

Your appointments from your Outlook Calendar

Outlook Tasks 

Your Outlook Tasks that you have completed

Planner Tasks 

Your Planner Tasks that you have set to "Done"

Outlook Mails 

All Emails from the folder that you have selected from your Outlook Email Account

OneDrive Files 

Your OneDrive Files that you have been working on

Azure DevOps Work Items 

Your DevOps Work Items that you have made changes to

SharePoint Files

Your SharePoint Files that you have been working on

Microsoft Teams Calls

The Microsoft Teams Calls that you have been part of

How to enable and disable the synchronization of your activities in Microsoft services for your timeghost feed is explained in another tutorial.