Each user, who is stored as a user in the workspace team, can be assigned as a project member to any number of projects by the administrator(s) of the workspace as well as their respective project manager(s). 

Project manager is initially the one who creates the project, but the role can be assigned to other project members (as well). The project manager is also a project member, but apart from the administrators of the workspace, he is the only one within a project who can make changes to its settings. 

On public projects all users stored in the workspace can book time entries, even if they are not explicitly stored as project members, on private projects only their respective project members can book time entries besides the administrators of the workspace.

Also, for private projects, only their project members can find and view these projects and their tasks via the search in the timer, the feed, the dashboard or the project list. The same applies to clients of private projects.

Below you will learn how you, as an administrator or project manager of a project, can add users to a project and thus make them project members:

Add users and groups to a project


First, go to Projects via the navigation menu on the left.


Click the 3-dot menu to the right of the Projekt to which you want to add users from your workspace and select Edit from the context menu.


Scroll down a bit to the Project members section and then click here in the Search users & groups search box.


Now simply click to select the users and groups you want to add from the results displayed, or search for them using the search box if they are not displayed directly to you.


When you have added all users and groups as desired, finally click the blue Save changes button.