To ensure that all of your data is deleted in compliance with the GDPR and that no new data is stored, you need to revoke your app permissions. 

In these instructions, you will learn how to do this:

Revoke App Permissions


First you click on your profile picture - you will find it in the web application in the upper right corner of your screen (in Microsoft Teams in the lower left corner):


Then select My Office Account from the context menu:


Use the navigation on the left to go to  App permissions and then click Revoke below the timeghost icon:

If you see the following at this point instead, contact an administrator in your Microsoft organization and ask them to proceed as follows - otherwise, you're already done here:

As admin via Microsoft Azure


First, go to the Microsoft Azure Portal from your browser and search for Azure Active Directory:


In the Services section, navigate to Azure Active Directory:


Go to Enterprise applications via the navigation:


Use the search field to search for timeghost and then click on the result that is displayed to you:


Last but not least, go to Properties via the navigation on the left, then click Delete and click Yes:

If more than one search result was displayed in step 4, perform the last two steps for them as well.