A trigger starts your automated workflow in Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) when an event defined in the trigger happens. It’s a great way to automate and ease your daily work. 

For the new timeghost connector we developed five completely new triggers. One each for clients, projects, tags, tasks and times. With all of them you can choose between three different options: They can start a flow by creating, updating or deleting those different objects in timeghost. So, we actually offer 15 triggers. 

You can choose one of our template flows(1) and adapt it to your working environment or you can completely start from scratch. Just click on Create(2) and select Automated flow(3):

Afterwards search for timeghost in the popup and select the trigger you want to try. In this example we use the project trigger. You have to now click on Show advanced options to see the different trigger options. You can choose one of them and delete the others or pick two or all three triggers. The workflow will start if either of those cases happens:

After you’ve set up the trigger, you need to select actions that you want to happen after the flow is triggered. In this example we create a Microsoft Teams channel in a predefined Team, each time a new project is added in timeghost. Our timeghost triggers return a lot of values, which you can use in the actions. Here we apply the Name and Description values of the new project for the display name and description of the new Teams channel. Just click into the input fields and choose the responses you want from the trigger. You can also always add normal text or an expression to a return value: 

Obviously that doesn't need to be the end of your flow. You can always add more stuff if you want, like for example a notification. If you click through our template flows you can find different ideas with more timeghost triggers to choose from. But those templates should just be a starting point for you to create your individual flows.

If you need further help, feel free to contact us at support@timeghost.io