After your Microsoft Power Automate flow was started via a trigger (see trigger instructions) or a scheduled event for example, you need actions to reach your desired result.

The timeghost connector currently offers six different “Add”-actions. You can add customers, projects, tasks, times, tags and custom feed events (see custom feed events instructions ) in this way. During this tutorial we will deal with a simple workflow that can also be found in our template flows:

The Asana trigger "When a project is created" (1) starts the flow as soon as a project is created in an Asana workspace. Directly after that the flow continues with the timeghost action "Add Project" (2):


There you enter your desired values in the various fields. You can use the return values of the Asana trigger to create dynamic entries (3):

  • Workspace: Select your desired workspace (you have to be a member of it) where the project should be created.


  • Name: Here you can put in your desired name of the project. In this example it is only the dynamic field "Projects Project name" that contains the Asana project name. But it’s also possible to add a static text (e.g. "Asana project: ").


  • Client: Find the desired customer from the workspace, for whom the project will be created.


  • Billable: Choose whether you want the project to be billable or not.


  • Completed: Determine whether the project has already ended or not.


  • Task Based Estimation: Choose whether the project should have a task-based or a manual time budget.


  • Description: Write in a description of the project. We select the "Projects Project notes" field here, as the description of the Asana project is in there.


  • Estimation: Here you can enter a project budget (in hours) if you have chosen the manual time budget. For the task-based time budget, you can leave the entry at 0.


  • Users: Optionally assign one or more users to the project.

After you’ve filled out all the fields, there are of course options to expand your flow with additional actions. For example, there is the possibility of posting notifications in different channels (Teams, Slack, e-mail, etc.). This will let your team members know that a new project has been created.

With the "Add" actions you can facilitate many topics in timeghost and set up automated connections with your other applications. These instructions and our other template flows are intended to introduce you to the world of Microsoft Power Automate. Let your creativity run free and create your own flows to make your everyday work easier.

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