There are different ways to document times in timeghost:

1. The time recording (Stopwatch mode)

2. The classic time booking (Input mode)

3. Booking times via the calendar

4. Booking times on a project via the Feed

5. Automated time booking

In this article we will show you how time recording works, i.e. the live recording of your working hours on a task, accurate to the second.


1. Timer: Stopwatch mode

You always record a time using the Timer (1) navigation point:

To stop a time to the second, you have to be in the  mode (2):

2. Name task

In the first step, you enter what you are working on in the task field (1) (e.g. "Offer for Smith Company")

As soon as you have entered 3 characters here, timeghost compares the times you have already recorded and any project tasks (2you have already entered with your current input. 

If a suitable suggestion is shown to you, you can mark it using the checkbox (3) in order to transfer all available information directly to your current task.

At the same time, the 4 button (4) turns yellow, which means that you can theoretically book the task with the current suggested values:

3. Additional information

Of course, you can also adjust your task again before saving: 

3.1 Project assignment

To assign your task to a project, click on the 0 button and then select a project (e.g. "Migration SharePoint"):

After the project has been selected, any default settings for the billing capability, stored for the selected project (1), is adopted (e.g. "Billable" (2)):

3.2 Tags

To assign one or more tags to the task, select the ´ icon, mark the required ags(s) (e.g. "Tag 2" and "Tag 3") and then click Apply:

3.3 Billability

You can set the billability using the $ icon. Yellow means Billable, black means Non-billable:

4. Start and end a recording

Click on the yellow 4 button (1to start recording:

If you want to stop the recording, just press the yellow < button (2) again:

Your recorded time is saved immediately afterwards:

5. Continue a time recording

You can continue a previous time recording (just like any other time you have booked btw) later.

The prerequisite for this is again that you are in  mode

Click on  (1next to your recorded time that you want to continue:

Then select 4 Continue Recording (2):