There are different ways to document times in timeghost:

1. The time recording (Stopwatch mode)

2. The classic time booking (Input mode)

3. Booking times via the calendar

4. Booking times on a project via the Feed

5. Automated time booking

In this article we will show you how you can book a time with a fixed start and end from the past or future.


1. Timer: Input mode

The classic booking of your own time is done via the top navigation item  Timer  (1):

For this you have to be in
 input mode so the  !  
icon (2) must be selected:

2. Name task

First you enter the Name (1of the task you are working on (e.g. "Time booking A2")

At the latest, when you have entered three characters in the task field (1), timeghost checks them for matches with previously stored Tasks (2) and then shows them to you including the Client (3) and Project (4). 

If the correct project is displayed to you, you can tick it  o  (5) so that it is transferred directly to the project field (6).

The a button (7) also turns yellow after entering the third character, which means that you can theoretically book the task with the current suggested values:

3. Additional information

Of course, you can also adjust your task again before saving: 

3.1 Project

To assign your task to a project, click on the  Ì  button and then select a project (e.g. "Project A2"):

The Billing capability stored in the project ("Project A2" (1) is stored as Billable (2)) is automatically adopted (4) by selecting the Project (3):

3.2 Tag(s)

To assign one or more Tags to the task, select the ´ icon, mark the required Tags(s) (e.g. "Tag 2" and "Tag 3") and then confirm with  Apply :

3.3 Billability

You can set the billability using the  $  icon. Yellow means Billable, black means Non-billable:

3.4 Start and End

In Start (1) and End (2), the current hour (3is always initially given as a suggestion for each new registration: 

Using your keyboard, you can enter the Start and the End:

3.4.1 Start and End: Quick functions

With a right-click on Start and/or End, you have further practical quick functions available:

Set start / end to now:

Calculate a certain period of time:


To book a 15-minute task that I have just finished retrospectively, I first select Set to now in End and then Set to 15 minutes in Start:

3.5 Date

The date is initially always set to today or, in the further course of a session, to the same date as the last time booking. To change the date, click on the  ¥  icon and select the date (e.g. 21/09/2016):

4. Save task

By clicking on the a button (1you can finally book your task with the information you have stored:

In the further course of your session, the end of your last booked time (1) will automatically be suggested as the start of your next time (2), in order to simplify complete documentation for you. 

The end of your next task (3) is offered to you with a one-hour difference to the start: