In timeghost times are usually booked on projects that have been previously equipped with a respective customer.

Projects can be both public and private, so that either all users of the workspace or only their project managers and members can access them and book time on them.

Projects can have a budget, which is either specified as a total budget or calculated automatically on the basis of the effort estimates for the respective project tasks stored.

All captured times are recorded as either billable or non-billable.

Tags can help to additionally categorize captured times.


Who is allowed to create projects, customers and tags and see all team activities is decided by the administrator of the workspace, just as he makes all other decisions around the workspace, its team composition and settings.

Automations in timeghost individually support the respective user in more easily documenting his personal appointments, events and happenings, which he also carries out using the same Microsoft account.

All captured times within a workspace can be decisively evaluated and then exported in their respective view.