Within projects, administrators and the specific project managers can create project tasks.

Depending on whether the project is public or private, all members or only project members explicitly defined in the project, can find project-related tasks in their timer and book their own time entries on them.

Tasks can be provided with an estimated effort, so that booked times are offset against this, resulting in the remaining task budget. 

If a task is explicitly assigned to one or more project members, the other project members, who are not assigned to this task, will not see it and therefore cannot book time entries to it.

In the following you will learn how to create a new task in a project, how to enter a time budget for it and how to assign the task to users or groups.

Create and assign project tasks


First, go to Projects via the navigation menu on the left.


From the project list, click to open the project to which you want to assign a task.


Now switch to the Tasks tab at the top and click the Create task button at the top right.


Give the new task a Name.


Optionally, enter a Time estimation in hours for the task.


You can also optionally assign the task to one or more users or a group from your workspace.

To do this, first click in the user search field and then enter the name of the user or group or select directly from the suggestions that are displayed to you.

If the project is private, you must first add users or groups to the project so that they are displayed in the user search..


When you are done with the task settings, click the blue Create Task button.