In timeghost, billable and non-billable projects can be created.

If a billable project is selected when creating a time entry, it is automatically suggested to book this entry as billable as well. 

Of course, this default setting can be adjusted individually for each new time entry.

The reverse is also the case: If a new time entry is to be booked to a non-billable project, the initial setting for the billability of the project task is also non-billable.

Generally, for all projects that are newly created in timeghost, it is initially suggested that they be created as non-billable. However, as an administrator of your workspace, you can change this default setting via the workspace settings, so that it is generally suggested to create new projects as billable.

Below you will learn how:

Set new projects as billable


First go to Settings via the navigation menu on the left.


You are now in the Details tab.

In the Workspace section, click the New projects are billable drop-down and select Yes.


In order not to lose your changes, scroll down to the bottom and click on Save changes.