In order to display and evaluate data in the Profitability area, you must first activate the Hourly rate feature. 

Here you can define a flat hourly rate and a currency. The Hourly rate applies to billable time entries of all members of the workspace, unless they are specified elsewhere on a different level, and the Currency applies to all amounts in the workspace. 

In the following you will learn how to activate the Hourly rate feature, how to set it and how to set the Currency for your workspace:

Activation, Hourly rate & Currency


First, go to Settings via the navigation menu on the left.


Then move the switsch to the right in the Hourly rates area.


Enter the desired hourly rate in the left of the two newly displayed fields; for example "15000" für "150.00".


In the field to the right you enter the currency. You can use special characters as well as normal letters; e.g. you can write either "€" or "EUR" or for example "$" or "USD".


Finally, click Save Changes at the bottom right. 

Since the hourly rate for specific users, projects or project members may differ from the flat hourly rate, it can be further specified elsewhere at user, project and project member level.