As an administrator of your workspace, you can use its settings to configure which of the three input modes offered is available to your workspace team in addition to the stopwatch mode. 

In the Start-End Mode, both a start time and an end time must be stored for a time entry.

In Duration Mode, only the duration of the time entry is relevant, so the creator of a time entry does not have to enter a start or end time. 

The Flexible Mode allows every user of the workspace to choose for every time entry if he wants to enter start and end time or only the duration of the time entry.

How exactly you set the input mode you want, you will now learn step by step:

Set Input Mode


First go to Settings via the navigation menu on the left.


Now, in the Workspace section, click the Input Mode dropdown and select the mode that you want to provide for you and your workspace team.


Finally, click Save Changes at the very bottom right.