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Connection to Planner

I propose a feature that retrieves from MS Planner Plans, buckets, and tasks and map them to Workspace, Projects, and task respectively. This would really help in automation.

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Hello Alexio,
We are currently not planning to do a complete native integration of the Planner in timeghost, but one key feature is already integrated: Creating a feed entry every time you finish one of your Planner tasks. You can activate Planner tasks with the “Feed your Feed” feature.


But we can offer you some additional methods to implement a lot of automation yourself. The first possibility is our new Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) connector. It will be online this week and we will release a lot of cool template flows for you to get started.

Our new blog entry about the new Power Automate connector: 


We also have a beginner's guide in our forum: 


Soon after the new connector and our templates are online, we will publish more articles about synergies with different connectors like the Planner and tutorials on how our triggers, custom feed events etc work. 


The second tool will be our new API, which also will be released very soon. We are going to write a complete documentation, lots of tutorials, tips and tricks to help you understand how you can build relations between Planner and timeghost. 


Kind regards,


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