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A mobile app for my phone would be a great addition for timeghost. The current web app isn't very good to use on the phone. I think it's necessary to be able to type in your times when you're on the road. 

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Hello Gerardo,

Great idea! We're planning to improve the responsive design of our web app, so it can be used easily in the browser and also in the MS Teams mobile store. Implementation will start in a few weeks.

A completely new mobile app is also on our agenda, but that will happen a bit further down the road. 

Kind regards,


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We are currently working hard to improve the mobile experience. A lot of functions have already been implemented and they are really easing up the user experience on your smartphone browser. 

Stay tuned for more infos in the future.

Kind regards,


Hey Gerardo,

We are still working on improving the mobile usability of timeghost. We are also trying to reestablish the timeghost app in the mobile Teams app.

Kind regards,


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