Favorite Projects in your Feed (NEW Feature)

The Feed is where you can see all your assignments from your Outlook calendar and all activities that you perform in your other Office 365 apps for a particular day. Besides that the feature allows you to post those activities and assignments on the right project by simply dragging and dropping them on the projects on the right hand side of the user interface. 

In order to make posting your times on the right project more convenient for you, we added a new feature that allows you to pin your projects to the top of the list. You only need to click on the star icon on each project tile and the project will stay on top of the others, so that you don't need to scroll and search for the right project.

We hope this makes timeghost more comfortable for you to work with and if you have any further wishes or ideas that you think might help us to optimize the app for our users please let us know. 

You can either send us an email to support@timeghost.io or you comment under this topic or you submit a Feature Request right here

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