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Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) - Beginner's Guide

Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) is a service that helps you create automated workflows between your favourite apps (e.g. timeghost) and services. You can connect timeghost with other apps you are using to combine their strengths.

Some Office 365 accounts allow free use of Power Automate, others include a 90 day trial period to test all the functions. Afterwards you can choose between different subscription models.

Following your registration you're eager to build your first flow. The easiest way to do that is with a template. You can find hundreds of them here:

Or you can search through all the connectors available in Power Automate to find all the templates of a specific app:

If you found a template that fits your needs, you can click on it and enable the connections you need for the flow to run. In this example of an automatically generated time report from timeghost, you need to connect your account with four apps and services:

After clicking on "Continue", you have to adapt the different flow steps to your personal environment. We are going to write some more detailed tutorials about creating flows in our solutions area soon.

With some experience you can build your own personalized flows. You can choose between five different ways to start a new workflow. After saving you can find all your flows in the "My Flows" area. 

Check out our other articles about the different connectors that you can combine with timeghost. If you are experiencing some problems or having more questions, you can also directly contact us at

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