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Connect Asana with timeghost - Microsoft Power Automate (Flow)

Are you working with Asana to plan your projects and tasks? Are you looking for a comfortable and intuitive way to keep track of all your project times? Then we have the solution for you!

Timeghost is a time-tracking app that's fully implemented into the Office 365 world. Combined with Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) you can create powerful workflows to automate your connection between Asana and timeghost. 

We developed some template workflows for you to use and take advantage of the synergy effects of both apps. Maybe you will get inspired to adapt those templates for your specific personal use cases. 

The first template is an automatically created custom feed entry in timeghost. Whenever you finish a task in Asana that’s personally assigned to you, a new entry will appear in your feed. Here you can see how this flow works:

In this example you finished two of your personal tasks in an Asana board: 

Shortly after, two new feed entries appear in timeghost. You can now drag & drop them easily onto your projects: 

Additionally, we prepared two more flows with Asana triggers. One of them creates a task in timeghost every time you create a task in Asana (not pictured here). This could be an alternative, if you don't like to work with the custom feed entries. 

The second one is an automatic creation of a timeghost project whenever a project is created in Asana. So you only have to create your project in Asana:

We also added a reverse flow of the task creation with one of our new timeghost flow triggers, which creates a task in Asana every time you create one in timeghost. Obviously, you can't use them both at the same time in the same area, because an endless loop could be created. 

There are a lot more possibilities to create cool workflows with Asana, timeghost and other connectors to automate and make your daily work easier. Those templates should be seen as a starting point from which you can go on and personalize them for yourself. 

If you need additional help with Microsoft Power Automate (Flow), check out our other forum entries or write us an e-mail to

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